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About HM Treasury

If you�re interested in making a difference to people�s lives across the country, the Treasury is the department for you!� We sit at the centre of everything that the Government does and have provided advice on economic policy and decisions that affect the public finances throughout the country�s history. A Treasury career continues to offer an exciting opportunity to be part of the decision making that affects the whole of the UK.

Working at the heart of government, we collaborate with other departments to ensure public money is spent well and to drive strong and sustainable economic growth. Our work ranges from protecting customers through to the regulation of the financial sector, helping to reduce carbon emissions and creating a greener economy, supporting people across the country through the COVID 19 furlough scheme and Plan for Jobs as well as helping first time buyers buy their first home.

HM Treasury is proud of a diverse and inclusive work environment, committed to fairness and the promotion of equality of opportunity for all. We know that having a range of experiences, ways of working and thinking makes us a stronger organisation, better at developing policy that is reflective of the communities we serve. We embrace different views and experiences and value the fresh perspective that people from a variety of circumstances bring to the work we do. We welcome applications from candidates who have not previously worked for the Civil Service, mid- and late-career changers with transferrable skills, people from all backgrounds and circumstances regardless of disability, gender, age ethnicity, LGBT+ identity and socio-economic status.

The Darlington Economic Campus is a pioneering new cross-government hub which will bring people together across departments and public organisations to play an active role in the most important issues of the day.

HM Treasury in Darlington will be joined by the Department for International Trade, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Office for National Statistics, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, the Competition and Markets Authority, the Department for Education and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Job description

About the Group

Economics Group

The Economics Group in the Treasury provide Ministers with analysis and assessment of fast-paced economic developments in the UK economy and advises on their implications for the Government�s economic strategy.� It works with policy teams to factor economic analysis into advice for Ministers on a wide range of polices.� And the Group is a leading member of the UK macroeconomic community, collaborating with the Bank, OBR and academia on shared topics of interest, liaising with international organisations in their surveillance of the UK economy and supporting the economic and social research professions across government departments.

About the Team

The Data Science Hub is a new team established to build a centre of excellence for data management and advanced analytics in HM Treasury (HMT). Working closely with ONS and other partners inside and outside of government, the hub will grow HMT�s role in public sector data science, develop HMT�s data capability and drive data-led transformation across the department.�

The Hub will also provide strategic coordination and support to teams across the department to bring data tools and technologies to bear on new and existing data sources. It will apply innovative methods to enable rich analysis to support economic policy making and HMT�s departmental objectives, delivering new insights and improving decision-making.�

To do this, the Hub is establishing two branches:�

  • Data Management �will lead the department in developing capability in data management, engineering, and architecture. This includes developing systematic and structural approaches to the use of data science techniques within the department and ensuring that officials at all levels have access to learning and development opportunities.�
  • Advanced Analytics �a flexible pool of data scientists who can identify, initiate, and support high-value data science projects across the department�s responsibilities.
  • About the Role

    We are looking for an experienced, passionate data leader to help us establish and drive forward the new HMT data strategy and its values across the department. The successful candidate will establish the branch, policies, and practices, provide leadership and governance to support all groups in the department and ensure we have the right level of assurance to keep HMT agile whilst enabling effective management and analysis of data.

    �To that end, the role�s key responsibilities are as follows.

  • Provide leadership and represent the data strategy values and ambitions across HMT and with other government departments.
  • Develop and embed a range of policies that steer how the department leverages data safely and effectively, in line with the ambitions of the data strategy.
  • Develop and lead assurance practices to support the departments compliance of these policies and work collaboratively with related teams to produce products and services to support policy adoption. This includes leadership of a data capability improvement plan.
  • Develop and lead a data transformation programme for HMT that wraps assurance and control around the departments key data assets and introduces automation and efficiency.
  • Most importantly, it�s key that the post holder has a passion and enthusiasm for effecting change, and they value working innovatively and collaboratively with others.

    If you would like to speak to the hiring manager informally prior to the closing date for applications to find out more about the job, please contactJohn Kelly, ��

    Person specification

    Required Skills, Experience and Behaviours:�

    The below criteria will be assessed in your application form.

    The lead criteria is:�

  • Experience of developing and embedding data policy in government, regulator or private sector and a track record of �operationalising� complex policy. Providing data leadership at a senior level � encouraging a change of culture in a fast-paced environment�
  • If we receive large volumes of applications, we will conduct an initial sift on the lead criteria only, which will usually be a behaviour. This may be an experience or technical skill, but only where critical to the position.�

    We will assess the below further criteria in your application form:��

  • Managing a Quality Service: Deliver objectives with professional excellence, expertise and efficiency, taking account of diverse customer needs
  • Communicating & Influencing: Excellent stakeholder and relationship management skills, with the ability to build effective relationships across organisational boundaries and with industry and/or regulators, negotiating at a senior level
  • Leadership: Engaging and adaptable leadership style which connects with people at all levels and ability to build and confidently lead a team
  • Candidate Guidance on Completing your Application Form

    Where will we assess success profiles across your application form.

  • Behaviours � these will be assessed individually with a 250-word statement per behaviour. The application form will indicate which behaviour is being assessed each time you provide a statement, and we are ideally looking for an example using the below STAR method to demonstrate this behaviour in line with the full criteria stated
  • Experience � this will be assessed individually with a 250-word statement per experience criteria. You will give the answer in the personal statement section under �statement of suitability� using the below STAR method, and be given direct guidance at this stage on the experience we are looking for you to demonstrate�
  • All elements of the success profiles will be linked to a defined criterion that demonstrates the behaviour, experience or technical skills. It is beneficial to ensure your answer focuses on the full criteria, and not just the related success profile, to give you the best chance or providing the evidence the panel wants to assess ��

    In your statements, it is best to focus on one example in each section to allow you to provide enough detail in your answer and use all the words you have been allocated. Examples from a range of roles across your application will demonstrate that you have the skills, experience and behaviours we are looking for. We would also advise you to use examples that best meet the criteria, even if it is a few years old

    How to Structure your Answer�

    Please use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) approach when writing your application answers.

  • Situation � Describe the situation you found yourself in and what happened.
  • Task � The Hiring Manager will want to understand what you tried to achieve from the situation that you found yourself in.
  • Action � What actions did you take and how did you do it. Make sure to use �I�, not �we� to explain how your actions lead to a result.
  • Result � Use facts and statistics to demonstrate the results that your actions produced. Explain whether it was a successful outcome, and if not, what you learned from the experience.

  • Please refer to the candidate FAQ document which is a link on the job advert � this will provide you with guidance on completing the application form. Please contact if you have any issue accessing this document�
  • At HM Treasury, to maximise diversity and inclusion within our workforce, we operate a fair, open and anonymous recruitment process. This means that the sift panel will only be able to assess you on the written evidence supplied in your application answers. They will not have access to personal information.
  • You may be asked to provide some CV details during your application; however these will NOT be assessed during the process, but will be used to support discussions at interview � please ensure you put all information you would like to be scored against in your behaviour, experience and technical skill statements
  • You will be assessed on your skills, experience and behaviours through the online application form. When completing your application form, please outline how you meet the requirements as detailed in the �Essential Criteria �section of this job description. This will give you the best chance to provide the evidence that the panel wants to assess. More guidance can be found here �
  • If we receive a large number of applications, applications will be assessed initially against the lead criterion alone. You will then be assessed against the other criteria if you have met the minimum score on the first criterion.�
  • Find out more about how the Civil Service assesses candidates and uses to test skills, experience and behaviours in applications and interviews.
  • Applications are not reviewed until the closing date has passed. You will be notified of the outcome of your application as soon as the recruitment panel has reviewed all the applications.

    Candidate Guidance Support Session��
    We will be running an overview of Success Profiles and the STAR approach; top tips for the application and interview process and an opportunity to ask general questions around our recruitment practices. If you would like to join us, then use the link below to join the call at the right time.��

    7 June 12:30 – 13:00

    Recruitment Timeline

    Closing Date�

    Shortlisting application forms�


    11 June�

    w/c 12 June�

    w/c 19 and/or 26 June�


    We’ll assess you against these behaviours during the selection process:

  • Managing a Quality Service
  • Communicating and Influencing
  • Leadership
  • Making Effective Decisions
  • We only ask for evidence of these behaviours on your application form:

  • Managing a Quality Service
  • Communicating and Influencing
  • Leadership
  • Benefits

  • 25 days� annual leave (rising to 30 after 5 years), plus 8 public holidays and the King’s birthday (unless you have a legacy arrangement as an existing Civil Servant)
  • Flexible working patterns (part-time, job-share, condensed hours)
  • A which provides an attractive pension, benefits for dependants and average employer contributions of 27%
  • Onsite restaurant and coffee bar. The London office also offers a gym, showers and prayer room
  • Access to a cycle-to-work salary sacrifice scheme, season ticket advances and payroll giving
  • Access to a retail discounts and cashback site
  • A Rental Deposit Advance Scheme to help meet the total costs of deposits for privately rented homes
  • A range of active staff networks, based around interests (e.g. analysts, music society, sports and social club) and diversity (e.g. women in the Treasury, ethnic minority network, LGBT* network, faith and belief network)
  • Flexible working arrangements:

    HM Treasury views flexible working as essential in enabling us to recruit and retain talented people, ensuring that they are able to enjoy a long-lasting career with us. All employees have the right to apply for flexible working and there are a range of options available including; working from home, compressed hours and job sharing. Additionally, we operate flexitime systems, allowing employees to take up to an additional 2 days off each month, providing you work enough hours to meet business need.

    We also offer a generous parental and adoption leave package.

    At HM Treasury we have an incredibly broad remit; our work touches every citizen of the country. So, it�s important our employees come from the widest possible range of backgrounds, bringing us the widest possible range of perspectives and ways of thinking. We are committed to ensuring that all staff are able to realise their potential and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

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